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Kurt Niznik - Winemaker

Born to Mexican-American and Slovakian-Slovenian parents, raised in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and educated at Yale University, Kurt Niznik moved to California to pursue his winemaking dreams in 1997. He worked his first harvest at Acacia Winery in the Carneros region of Napa. After spending several years in the cellars of wineries in both Napa and Sonoma counties, Kurt enrolled in the Master’s degree program in Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis, dividing his time between hitting the books and racking the barrels for two years before returning to Napa to continue his learning at Luna Vineyard. There he served as enologist, then assistant winemaker before leaving to be the winemaker for San Juan Vineyard in Washington.

Kurt returned to Napa Valley to help start up the newly constructed Caldwell Winery in 2005, working under the guidance of consultant winemaker Philippe Melka to craft the Caldwell wines and running a custom crush operation for several clients using the Caldwell cave space.

Kurt now works as a freelance/consultant winemaker for a select few clients in the Napa Valley. In his free time he flies his paraglider as often and as high as he can, watches birds (a lifelong passion) and cooks incredibly spicy Mexican and Indian food.